The first impression.


I will never forget the day that I created a post in 2007 about the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA Terminal 1). The reason why it sticks out like a sore thumb is because I shared the same sentiments as Miss Lea Salonga during the same year when I went home to Manila. She had a blog ( then, at the-now-defunct Multiply platform. She was complaining about the hold up of opening Terminal 3 and created a blog post entitled, “Someone please open that first impression already!” Or something to that effect.

I created a blog post during the same time because I just had recently traveled to Manila and saw how horrible Terminal 1 was. I also begged that they open Terminal 3 for international flights.

Another blogger, Cecille Van Stratten of also created multiple posts about it and begged for some type of renovation. She took pictures of the dilapidated bathrooms and how filthy they are. I. On the other hand took photos of himageanging cable wires from the dirty ceiling, damaged seats and walls that were falling apart. I took a photo of the exhaust fan in the smoking area which looked like it had not been cleaned for years and covered in dust and nicotine.

NAIA Terminal 1 has been on the top of the world’s worst international airports for five years in a row. This is the very first year we came down a couple of notches to number 4.

The Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines had posted photos recently of the newly renovated Terminal 1.

It is about time.

From the looks of it, you would think they were reading my blog and Chuvaness’ blog. The bathrooms have been renovated, new counter tops (I complained about crawling roaches in the old ones when I arrived and going through immigration).  The carpets had holes in them and it was dirty.  The new photos have been published and the photos are the ceiling, the counters, the new carpeting, and the bathrooms. Whaddaya say?

I am extremely happy.

Look at these photos:





image image image image image image image

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