Lea Salonga Performs at Council Rock HS South Master Class – Holland, PA

I’ve always been a fan of Tony-Olivier Award-Winning Broadway Star, Ms. Lea Salonga and will continue to be a fan until the end, I think.

I am so sorry that I missed her recent show in New York (and DC) but I am glad to know that she will be part of George Takei’s new broadway play, “Allegiance”.    Ms. Salonga finished a worldwide tour with Il Divo and it’s quite exciting to know that she will be back on Broadway.  This time, I will not miss it.  I will make sure I see it even if I have to see it alone.

Most recently, Ms. Salonga was in a High School in Holland, PA – Master Class.  She performed and coached the students.  It’s amazing that she hasn’t lost a bit of her flawless voice.  It has remained constant ever since Miss Saigon.


I would like to share the videos from the Master class but I do have one story to tell that may make you not-so-much-of-a-fan or maybe not but it’s worth telling the story anyway.

I have a friend who attended her concert and during the meet and greet, he fell in line to get her signature.  The problem is, he doesn’t have anything for her to sign.  In this long line, he finally got his chance and he was in front of Ms. Lea Salonga.  He handed his ticket for a signature and she looked at the ticket and said, “I don’t sign tickets.” and brushed him off.  He was sooo mad.  Although I have to agree that the reason someone signs items is to make you purchase a CD, a T-shirt, a playbill of something.  So, she was right to refuse signing the ticket.  I do think though, that her response could have been delivered with a little more sensitivity.  But who knows?  Maybe she had a bad day.  That’s all.

Anyway, here are the videos of Ms. Lea Salonga singing I Dreamed a Dream, and On My Own.  She also coached the students (since this is a Master Class), where you could see the difference in the students’ performance after she coached them.

watch the videos and enjoy!

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