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Many of my readers know that I have been going to school for a long time. I mean, a looooong time. The reason is basic. I work a full-time job and I can only take two classes per semester. Traditional brick and mortar schools only have two semesters a year. At best, I could only take four classes a year. With 4 credits maximum per class, I could finish 16 credits at most per year. That’s a lot of years to complete 122 credits. As of today, I only have nine credits left to complete and I graduate. In a few more weeks, I will graduate with a BS in Business, Technical Management with a major in Human Resource Management. After all these years, I am finally going to finish. What do you think I should give myself as a gift for the hard work that I’ve put in?

I am looking to buy a new car by September of this year or early next year. I am torn whether I should buy now or later because I am planning to move to the west coast. If I am to move, I would rather not put miles into the new car that I buy and get it later after I have moved. Then again, I am itching to driving a new car now rather than later.

A friend of mine is a believer in diesel-gas-powered vehicles. This was due to the high prices of fuel in the past which has considerably gone down recently. He drove a Volkswagen for a very long time and each time he changes the model, he made sure that he only bought diesel-powered vehicles. I would probably go for it but I am looking to buy myself a C class Mercedes Benz as a graduation gift to me this coming June. I have researched a bit whether they still carry diesel-powered Benz today and they do. The so-called C250 BlueTec diesel and a C400 4Matic models.

Of course, since most vehicles today run on unleaded or super unleaded gasoline, there will probably not be a lot of mechanics other than the dealership who can repair diesel-type cars. So, I did a quick search by searching diesel repair in Glendale AZ just to see how many I would find. I was surprised to find a lot of search results than I expected. It really wouldn’t be hard to find a place for repairs even all the way to the west coast.

We know that gas prices will probably go up again sometime soon even though there are major changes in the energy sector and more and more are we developing gas-dependent technology so I wonder if it would be necessary for me to choose a diesel-powered car. I do want to drive a luxury car sooner rather than later. I have a lot of thinking to do. First, I need to straighten out my finances to make sure that I am ready to include a monthly car payment in my budget or not.

As I iron things out in preparation to gifting myself a new car, I am saving money as much as I can. In this way, when I am ready, I won’t have to pay a high monthly payment that would leave me nothing else that I can do in my life except for paying for a car. Nobody wants that. I still want to continue to travel like I have been doing in the last six years.

If you are going to buy a luxury car, would you recommend buying a Mercedes-Benz of a BMW? I had thought previously in buying a BMW but since that time, I am leaning more towards getting a Benz. The reason why I stayed away from buying a Benz before was due to the reviews as far as repairs go and how costly they could be. But after researching further, both have costly repairs so I would rather drive a Benz than a BMW if I have to drive a luxury car don’t you think?

That’s the thought for now and it could change overnight or maybe not. Does any of my readers drive a luxury car? What would you recommend for a first-timer like me? I want you to know that I’m not rich and not pulling money out from a tree. I am working hard to save up for this and since it took me a while to graduate from college, I thought it is the best gift I could ever give myself. Something that I have wanted to have for a long time and I would say that it is well-deserved, don’t you?

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