Have you ever done a cross-country trip?


When I first traveled to Italy in 2006, I may have been bitten by a bug. A travel bug that is. Because since then, I have not stopped traveling. I have visited many countries in the last 10 years and I promise you, I will be visiting more. From Italy, I went to Germany and since then, I’ve traveled three times to Italy and twice to Germany. I have enjoyed every bit of it.

Now, after a friend of mine introduced me to cruises, I have taken a Mediterranean Cruise and a Turkey and Greek Isle Cruise. That posed more opportunity to visit more countries than I could have and was so ever glad that I did it. One cruise that I talked about was a cruise we paid $500.00 for to travel to eight cities in Europe. I never thought I would get a chance a that with a very cheap price. Who knew?! But that was pure luck. I had the best time of my life. Thanks for my friend Reggie who called me one spring day at work and asked me if I wanted to join him. The story went like this.

I got a call from him late morning one day and said, “There is a 13-day cruise to eight cities in Europe. The cost? $500.00!”. I told him that it sounded too good to be true but he promised me, and gave me the website to check out. Once I confirmed it, I got a bit excited but I couldn’t really say yes yet as I didn’t know how much the airfare would cost us. The cruise starts in Venice, Italy. If the air fare would cost more than $2500 then, I would say no.

My friend called me back and said that he found air fare to Venice, Italy for $750.00 and if I am game, he will book them. I haven’t even asked for the days off and wasn’t even sure that I would get it but I told Reggie to book it and I’ll suffer the consequence later. He booked it and I was glad that he did. My vacation got approved and went on the cruise to have the grandest time of my life. Since the cruise was so cheap, younger people were able to afford the trip. Many people on the cruise were our age or younger and we partied every single night. And during the tours, we also had so much fun because we formed lifetime friendships that no one could have ever imagined. We met a group of girls from Boston, a military guy from Germany, another guy from California who accompanied his parents for their anniversary. It was a blast!

After that trip, my company sent me on a business trip to Asia Pacific and Europe. Thereafter, I took the Turkey and Greek Isle cruise with Reggie, his family and a few more friends. It was fantastic.

However, in all these years, I haven’t really taken a cross-country road trip here in the United States. I’ve been all over the place and yet, I haven’t even seen all the places in one of the most beautiful places in the world – – the U.S. of A!

So, I was thinking. If I could get a few friends to take a couple of weeks of and drive across country, would they do it? Of course, we would do it in a bit of style and adventure. We will look up charter bus companies and see if we can take a ride and explore this great country. There are so many sights that I have yet to explore. So far, I’ve only been to the west coast and states along the east coast. I have never really even visited many states on the east coast. For example, I haven’t really stayed in Boston. I want to see what Massachusetts is like. I’ve been to Provincetown yes, but not to Boston. A couple of my friends and I plan on visiting Boston in June (God-willing) and hopefully I can check that off my list.

But I need to make some plans to travel locally. Anyone out there who is interested in joining?


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