POLL: President and Vice President Philippines 2016


In less than a year from now, Filipinos will go to voting booths and select the new leaders of the country.  Economically speaking, the Philippines is in a great position right now.  We have to keep the momentum going.  Lots of positive news about the Philippines including yearly increase in tourism since 2011.

Let’s take a poll and see who the Filipino people will choose come election time. If this poll is any indication on who may win, sana naman piliin nating ang wastong kandidato. Choose the best candidate for our country.  Here are the possible candidates for President and Vice President in 2016.

For President:

For Vice-President:

Take the poll folks!


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3 Comments on "POLL: President and Vice President Philippines 2016"

  1. Mukhang Duterte Poe ticket ang winning combination ha?

  2. Wow – the heat is really on. Ready na ba ang mga kabayan sa bagong pinuno? PNoy cannot run again because a President in the Philippines can only serve for one 6-year term. I believe that is to prevent a dictatorship that lasted 20 years under the Marcos regime?

  3. Allan T. Villavecencio | October 14, 2015 at 6:53 am |

    -answered prayer, with duterte or marcos on her side.

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