Life is like a box of chocolates…


Alright, I admit it.  I get cocky sometimes and it’s normal.  Sometimes our egos get the best of us.  It’s cool.  As long as you know and can recognize that you are becoming too up-on-the-high-horse and know how to remedy it, you will be okay.  It’s the people who don’t recognize it that needs some guidance.  Maybe a word or two.

Why did I start this post that way?  Well, I was a cocky young lad back in the day.  I felt like I’ve worked hard and my hard work has paid off that is why I am reaping the benefits of it all.  No one helped me (in my mind), and what I have is because of my own doing.  Or was it?

Now I realize that life is a mixture of hard work, patience and a little bit of luck.  We can’t take full credit of our successes.  If you look at your high school yearbook, you will probably realize that the people you thought would never succeed in life are the most successful today.  I remember a classmate of mine back in college and we used to sit together during exams.  She would always ask me to keep my notes open so that she can take a peek at it.  College camaraderie – or whatever – you can call it cheating too – but it was that.  We both never really studied hard during our freshman year.  I always remembered her as a fun-loving happy-go-lucky-gal.  I knew she would do okay but I didn’t realize after all these years that she would become more than that.  During our college reunion, I was surprised to find that she is now a doctor.  Not a PhD doctor.  A real physician with a successful practice!  How about that?

That’s when I realized that being cocky doesn’t lead you anywhere.  The world is round and if you haven’t realized it yet, it spins.  Like a wheel, life spins as well.  Sometimes you’re at the top and other times you are at the bottom.  At any given time, out of your control, you can be on either position.  So, don’t boast – lest you become a laughing stock some day.

I have a friend as well who, if you look at her, you would think she’s just a simple and normal kind of girl.  She rarely wears make-up.  She dresses well.  And if I have to judge her by looking at her, I would say that she will probably be a regular person all her life.  She doesn’t speak eloquently, and you can also say that she probably doesn’t have the skills at communicating effectively let alone speak to highly-educated people.  She was a simple girl who worked at a job that is menial and repetitive.  That was her life.  That was all that she’s going to be.

However, after marrying someone who is successful and very intelligent man, she had always been ridiculed for not knowing enough, for not learning enough, for not speaking well, for being “simple”.  I think her experience of being put down continuously became the catalyst for her to change.  Overnight, she took on a project on her own by renting a house in Los Angeles, CA and dreamt of turning it into a home healthcare facility.  She paid for the first month’s rent with a credit card cash advance.  Do you know how much interest credit card companies charge you on a cash advance?  A LOT.

But that’s what she had.  A credit card and a dream.  The house was empty.  She didn’t have patients.  The next month’s rent is about to be due and she didn’t know how she would get a patient to care for.  But that little luck I was talking about struck.  A social worker that she’s spoken with thought of recommending her to take care of disabled veterans.  One veteran took the recommendation.  Then another.  And another.  The rest was history.  Now, she owns multiple home health care facilities in California.  The last time I visited her, she picked me up from the airport in her Mercedes Benz E-Class.  Not bad for being “simple” huh?

Now, home health care facilities are every where.  It is a easy search.  For example, if you live in Arizona, all you have to do is Google “Arizona home care” and you will be surprised at how many results you will get.  Most of them probably started the same way that my friend started her business.  Who knows?

How about you?  What’s your dream?


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