Viral Videos : Selfie Sticks are Dangerous!


I am a repeat offender.  I swear.  The first time I saw a selfie-stick was when I was in New York City for a reunion.  These Asian kids were posing at Times Square with this odd-looking stick with her cell phone at the end and taking a shot via remote control!  I was in love.

I had to search the internet for it and found it immediately.  I took it out for the first time and my family and friends loved it.  I took it to a bar one summer afternoon and honestly, if I sold the selfie stick each time I was asked where I got it from, I would have made so much money.

Today, it is the ultimate selfie accessory.  Everyone carries a selfie stick these days.  But, what are the dangers or using a selfie stick?  (Or monopod as people call it from other regions of the world).

Here’s a PSA from Pizza Hut – – a hilarious video to show you how dangerous a selfie-stick is.

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