It’s finally here. Graduation 2015!~


To those of you who’s been with me since I started this blog, I know that you’ve read many times that the reason I couldn’t post much is due mostly to the fact that I am busy with school.  If you’ve been reading my blog since 2007, that’s when I started.  I went back to school part-time in 2007 and slowly worked on my degree.  There were a couple of bumps in the road – health issues, laziness, and at times thought about giving up.  I never really thought I would reach this day in a similar way that I never thought I would be able to quit smoking.  But hey, miracles do happen right?

On June 26, 2015, I will be walking to receive my diploma along with 299 other students in my area.  It is a dream come true for me because I set this goal way back in 2001.  It was hard.  Night classes during the winter are the worst.  No, correction.  Night classes during the summer are the worst.  Every week, there is always something due like an assignment or a project paper.  Maybe that was why I quit for a couple of years and finally decided to go back and finish it off.

Folks, the decision to go back to school was the best decision I have made.  I now feel more confident that I can conquer the world.  Only YOU can be between you and your dreams.  If you have been thinking about it but have not acted on it, the time is now!  Take that leap and inquire on how you can get back to school.  There are many choices and many options for you out there.  It’s all up to you!

I am finishing up this semester and if I maintain (God-willing) my last two classes with an “A”, I will graduate Magna Cum Laude.

Thank you to those who supported my decision and to those who encouraged me throughout the years.

I’m going to be blogging a lot after graduation – – just sit and wait!

God bless you all!


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