Welcome home my son: Hachiko.

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I have been without my dog for almost two years now.  I had a dog named Jake.  No one knows my relationship with Jake except me.  People are quick to judge and that’s okay – they do not know what goes on behind closed doors.  They only believe what they want to believe and I play along just so that I don’t pick a fight with any of my friends who judge me.  I had to let him go because I was once cornered to give him up.  I felt like I didn’t have a choice at the time because I traveled a lot and I was about to travel for a couple of weeks when I was forced to give him up.

It has been a while now.  Yes, I had some bitterness about the situation and I still feel at times that the move they made was so sneaky that to this day, I still get upset thinking about it.  What I realized after that event was that regardless, Jake was my dog.  He was part of my family.  I haven’t seen him in person since.  I know where he is and I know that he is well taken care of.  I learned to let him go.

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As a single man, I find myself coming home feeling like there was something missing.  Day in and day out, I knew what that was but I avoided thinking about it.  I told myself that I don’t have the time for a pet.  Although I don’t travel as much anymore, I still travel.  What has changed in my life is my schedule.  I now work from home two days a week – and will eventually move to possibly three days a week.  That would mean that I will only go to the office two days in a week which made me think that I am now ready to care for a dog.

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Part of this decision was the fact that I will no longer ask anyone to care for my dog when I go away.   It is my sole responsibility.  If I have to go away, I would have to make sure that I take him to a kennel.  My relationship with my dog will be mine and mine alone.  I am excited in a way that I have learned from past mistakes and am willing to make amends.

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So folks, welcome my new son, Hachiko! (The name may change when he finally arrives at the end of the month as the name was temporary.)  He is scheduled to be picked up in three weeks’ time.  He’s growing each day and my breeder sends me updates every week so I can see his progress.  I also get to watch videos of him as he plays with his siblings.  There are five of them which are all reserved to be taken to good homes.  He is from the ancient dog breed from Japan.  The Shiba Inu.  I am reading so much about this breed now before he comes home and there’s a lot that I am nervous about.  The breed is very loyal to its owner but early socialization is required to make sure that they do not get over protective.  It has to have a lot of exercise.  Walking is a good exercise for this type of breed (and for me as well!).  The breed is easy to house break as they are very clean.  Some Shiba Inu owners say that their Shibas actually tells their owners when it is time to go potty.   The breed are like cats as they groom themselves by licking their fur clean.  However, they are a stubborn breed as well which makes me so nervous.  I have never had a stubborn dog.  Shiba Inus are very independent and not likely to welcome human touch from strangers.  That makes it difficult for vet exams and the like.  So, my goal is to socialize Hachiko very early on so that he gets used to people touching him.  Then again, I have never had a Shiba Inu so I do not know how that will work.  We shall see.  I am excited beyond belief and so eager to get to know my Hachiko.

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Maybe I was judged before because I deserved to be judged.  But this time, I aim to prove them all wrong.  They can say whatever they want.  They can be self-righteous all they want.  Nothing is going to change the decision I have made.  Hachiko will be my family and no one will stand between me and my Hachiko.

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