Letting Go…


Good morning and happy Saturday mga ka-bords!  (Reminds me of my beautiful friend Malen when I say bords!)

I had a Brazilian cleaning lady named Sabina and she was wonderful.  Somehow, during the financial crisis of 2008, I had to let go of things that I can do myself.  So,I let Sabina go.  But now that things are better, I wanted to hire her back but I could no longer reach her.  I had a cleaning lady come to my house last Thursday.  It is the very first time I had a cleaning lady since 2006.  She is my friend’s cleaning lady and she came highly-recommended.

My house is in total disarray before she came.  Remember, I had been going to school, working a full-time job and doing all these extra-curricular activities that I barely have time to clean my house.  I do the occasional mopping the floors, vacuuming the carpet and so forth but I haven’t done a thorough general cleaning since someone knows when.  I had to clean up a bit just so she won’t think I am a total pig.

Anyway, she came and to my surprise, she is Brazilian as well.  Very nice lady.  She came with her husband and both of them turned my house upside down to clean it from top to bottom.  I was very pleased.  However, the whole experience made me think.  I realized I have so much shit in my house that I don’t even use.  I buy things only to sit in the corner and not even use it.  Example:  I bought a sewing machine 2 years ago, thinking I would have time to sit down and sew my own curtains.  WRONG!  I also bought a Kitchen Aid mixer last year because it was such a bargain (99.00 for a 249.00 mixer).  I don’t bake.  So what am I going to do with a Kitchen Aid mixer?

Then it dawned on me.  I can start a “balikbayan” box and start putting things that could be useful to others and ship it back to the Philippines.  I’m sure my family there would find some use to these and at the same time, it will rid my house of clutter.  I know, I’ve tried it many times to get organized but the busy schedule just doesn’t help.

I made a vow this time that I will try my damnedest to be free of clutter.  I am still waiting for my Interior Designer friend to give me the layout of the plan for my new furniture.  Still waiting… and waiting…. (I hope you’re reading this.)  My friend is really talented when it comes to design but like me, he barely has time.  So I guess I will wait… and wait. 🙂

When I thought about letting things go so my home can be free of clutter, I realized that it applies to our personal relationships as well.  There are relationships in our lives that would be better to let go than to keep.  If relationships hurt you rather than uplift you, it’s time to let go.  If people you hang out with put you down instead of praise and support you, let them go.  When you figure out that you need the people around you to be aiming towards the same goal, you will surround with people who will get you there.  Why do you think fit people hang around with fit people?  Because that’s a goal they share!  How about rich people?  Same thing!

The lesson in letting go of things I don’t use, ended up as a lesson in my personal life as well.  It is up to us to make that change and when you’re ready, you’ll know.

Take that step.  Okay – – back to packing balikbayan boxes….

Until next time…


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