Should I stay or should I go?


I have never stayed in one place for more than five years. I used to move around before and I enjoyed it a lot. Some folks think that I am a lucky person because of the privilege of being free from any commitment and the ability to pick up and go. I couldn’t agree more. Without a relationship or children to worry about, I have that luxury. I’m not saying that it is all a bed of roses but it suits me well. I like the freedom and the mobility.

My real first move was from the Philippines to the United States. That would have been considered a big move for someone 18-years of age. But my family was with me so it wasn’t scary as everyone may think. I arrived in New York City and lived with my sister for a few months. That’s when I was asked to move with my parents to Maryland where they recently purchased a new home for us. That move wasn’t a scary one as well. It’s moving in with family and the comfort of family life. It was only a bit uncomfortable as I have not lived with my parents for a few years. It was almost a re-introduction to one another when we finally all lived together. Then, things became comfortable after that.

The next move was the scary part. I had been living with my parents and my colleagues at work are around the ages of 24 and 26 years old. They have all moved out from their parents’ home and they were expecting me to do the same. They all lived in Baltimore and they wanted me to live close to them. I do enjoy their company a lot so I decided to move against my family’s recommendations. They said that I could save more money if I lived with them and then use the money to purchase my own home. It made sense right? But to a 24-year old, that did not make sense. All I wanted to do is have my freedom to come and go as I please so I opted to move to my very first apartment in Bolton Hill. It’s almost like a college town as college students from University of Maryland resided in that area. At that time, I had nothing so moving was fairly easy. I only took a Futon bed, a desk and Ikea furniture to furnish my studio apartment. The apartment had cathedral ceilings and large cathedral windows. I thought I was living the dream. Moving to the apartment required no effort at all. My nephew and I took two trips and I was done.

My move from the east coast to the west was the most exciting yet most scary. This time, I really am going to live on my own with no family around me. My company paid for the move although I still didn’t have much at that time. They moved my brand new car and my furniture. It was almost a breeze. Two years later, I found myself moving back to the east again. I can tell you that moving with a moving company was much better than moving all my stuff on my own. I hate packing and moving. I just enjoy new places and getting to know new people.

I have been on the east coast now for more years than I expected I would stay. The harsh winters and cold weather had me thinking about moving out west again. But where should I go? Should I go all the way to California, or maybe go to Las Vegas? Phoenix, Arizona may be another option for me but who knows? I acquired my degree recently and I feel like I need a change. I want to be able to get a good-paying job and then move. If I move, I wouldn’t want to pack all my stuff myself. This time, I have a house full of furniture. I am no longer living in a studio apartment like before.

What’s so great nowadays, I don’t even have to call around to find a good moving company. The internet has made our lives easier when it comes to searching for anything. All I do is type: moving company Phoenix on Google and I’m set. I can go to Yelp and find out if the company is reputable, look at their reviews and see if they are the right movers for me. That makes my decision to move a lot stressful than before.
I am not consulting with my University’s Career Services to help me find a job out west. Let’s see what I find and from there, I should be able to make the move. What do you guys think? Should I move? As of right now, I am excited about the quest. Let’s see what happens next! ?

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