The Best Revenge

We’ve all been through childhood. We all know how it is to try to “UP” someone especially if we are either jealous or mad at someone. Unfortunately, sometimes that game of “UPPING” someone is carried through adulthood. It seems like “getting the last word in” still feels like you have succeeded. And it’s funny how our friends do this to this day! What are we? Third-graders?

I am not one who is free from controversy. I do things, I say things. Sometimes it’s intentional and sometimes it is not. When you are accused of something that you did not do, you hold your ground. Consequences come with holding your ground and it’s fine. You have to take a stand in what you believe in your heart is right.

I realized something recently that I may have known since I was a child. Remember when you teased someone trying to get them to respond and you didn’t get one? That’s more insulting right? I remember when Madonna was being chastised and criticized by the media or someone else, her only response is this: “Absolutely, no comment.” Whatever that they are trying to accuse her of, dies down with that. It doesn’t go on with a battle of who-said-what-to-whom but rather dies down peacefully and she moves on.

If you are going through something right now with someone – be it a lover, a friend, a family member or anyone – and you hear things being said about you so that you will react and create a fireball of unintended and hurtful response, STOP! There is only one thing you can say and be on your ground, proud and graceful. Say, “No comment.” Let them say whatever they want and let them boil in their anger. As for you, simply move on and let the universe take hold. For what goes around…comes around.

Let there be no room for hatred in your heart.

Yun lang pow!


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