Be consistent will you? If you’re going to blog – blog.

When I started blogging eight years or so ago, I didn’t know that I would still be blogging today.  I figured I would ride the wave, and then if I get tired of it, I’d get out.  I can tell you that most of the friends I met back then when I first got started have either closed their blogs, or their blogs have evolved to something else.

I remember when I discovered that “entertainment” or “gossip” blogs get a lot of traffic.  I changed my blog from being a personal blog to a gossip blog.  I wouldn’t have met the people I’ve met in the entertainment industry if I hadn’t done that.  And looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing.  It was fun while it lasted.

But did you all know that the money that I made the most was from “sports”?  Yes, “entertainment” brought traffic, but sports paid the cash.  Just saying.

In any case, I am writing this because I know how my blog has been anything but a personal one.  Time and again, I would blog personal stuff as a way to get something off my chest, or a way of expressing my opinion on something.  It’s a question how no one leaves comments on blogs anymore.  I guess they are more inclined in leaving comments on Facebook rather than personal blogs.

Now that I have decided to make this blog a personal blog, I realized what I had been lacking all along.  I was consistent when I was blogging about celebrities.  That brought me traffic.  It was good to see my rating go up the ranks with some of the best blogs out there.  That gave me a way to subsidize the costs of maintaining a blog because advertisers would ask to advertise on my blog and I didn’t mind it.  It was good income on the side and it helped me with paying hosting fees and templates.

So, simula ngayon, I will try to be more consistent.  I am always thinking anyway, so to blog about my thoughts would not be so hard.  Napag-isip-isipan ko lang ngayon na I have to stick to the theme of my blog.  Personal kung personal.  And being a personal blog, you will see me posts photos from my travels (I love traveling!) and my unica iho, Kenzo Wolfbear.

Sometimes, I will blog about politics – both here in the U.S. and in the Philippines of course.  I have a lot  to learn about the candidates in order to speak about them.  Ang mga hindi ko maintidihan to start with U.S. politics, is how in the world Sarah Palin’s comments still matter today.  That’s long and gone.  She ran and she lost.  So, she really should go away.  And with Philippine politics,  I also cannot understand how Jejomar Binay is still a popular candidate despite his blatant thievery.  I mean, halatang halata naman, at hindi naman mga bobo ang mga Pilipino, pero bakit pinakikinggan pa rin siya at bakit wala pa siya sa kulungan?  Ano ba?

In addition to politics, may mga opinions din po ako regarding my faith and sexuality.  You will see posts about homosexuality, the church, beliefs and so forth.  I want to share what I think.  Hindi naman siguro ako boring.  And if you find me boring, it’s an easy click away to close the browser.  I will also write about pop culture.  It’s everything and anything in my head really.

So, if you would like to continue reading my blog, please feel free to follow.  It seems to me that I will not be slowing down anytime soon.

Teka lang, has anyone here seen the film, “Heneral Luna”?  I have heard great reviews and it is the Philippines’ entry to the 2016 Oscars in the Best Foreign Film category.  Good luck to us!  This time, mukhang may chance tayo.

Ayway, it is getting late here.  Tulog na rin kayo.  Until next time ulit.  Balik balik lang pag may time okay?


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