The price of getting older.

Ano ba? LOL!

I used to think that I am invisible. Things will happen to others, but they will never happen to me. I didn’t think that way, but somehow I acted that way. I lived rather recklessly. I smoked, I drank, I ate the wrong foods, and most of all, I didn’t care if I had enough sleep the night before – I believed I can keep going on and on.

Fast forward to a wake up call.

I knew that I was starting to smoke heavily. My brothers already had their wake up call (one of them had to have a triple bypass, and the other had type 2 diabetes) while I haven’t yet. They both quit smoking and although they did not condemn me, they suggested that I should start thinking about quitting as well. So that I can skip my wake up call, I decided to start changing my lifestyle. I don’t know if you remember, but I quit smoking more than two years ago. It was a habit I thought I would never be able to get rid of. Through God’s infinite blessing, I was as surprised as many when I used the patch (Nicoderm CQ) to help me quit, and it worked!

After I had quit, I knew that I would probably gain weight, so I decided to go to the gym regularly. It was also a way for me to keep my mind off of smoking. I was good for seven months. I lost a lot of weight; I was preparing for a half marathon – everything was great! I trained hard. I had never run a marathon before. By the time of the half marathon, I was running up to 10 miles in a single run. 10 MILES! I ran the half marathon successfully, and I couldn’t be prouder of myself.

After that, I stopped running. I would go once in a while but not as regular as I was going while training. Then, something changed at work. Our department had to stay and work from home for almost four months due to a renovation and upgrading our workplace to become current with the times. It was winter time, and all I did was work, eat and sleep. If you call people who don’t move from their couches as sedentary people, I was probably worse than that. There was a time that I consumed a 12-pack Cinnabon in three days – by myself!

I had no idea that I was gaining weight in the process. By the end of our work-from-home stint, I gained 20 lbs. My work clothes wouldn’t fit me anymore! I seriously had a problem. We went back to work, and everyone noticed it. I can’t even believe it myself. It was when the health problems began. Just four months prior, I was a the top of my game. Now, I was having breathing issues. I was coughing all the time. I had to go from my regular doctor to a pulmonologist so that they can diagnose why I was always short of breath. To this day, they still cannot figure why. One suspect is the weight gain, so I am trying to lose approximately 25 lbs. To help me get trained on proper eating habits, I had to meet with a dietician.

One year and a half later, I am still having breathing issues. 9-months ago, I was diagnosed as having type 2 diabetes (it runs in my family). Still no resolution to my breathing issues. More tests have been ordered. I have to go for a sleep study and at the same time, go for a cardiovascular stress test. I am taking medication for acid reflux, type 2 diabetes, and high cholesterol. I also have sleep apnea. All of these because I gained weight.

Let me tell you. I used to drop pounds very easily. I can go to the gym three times a week and run a 20-minute run each time, and I would lose the weight. Not this time around. I have been going to the gym, walking 15 thousand steps a day, eating less and still not dropping the extra weight that I’ve put on. Hindi na biro biro ito. Going on a diet is no longer a choice. It is mandated by my physician. He said I must lose the weight if I want to reverse my type 2 diabetes and hopefully solve my breathing issues as well.

The point of this post is to let you, my readers, know that you are not invisible. If you do not take care of yourself today, something’s going to come back and haunt you. Alam ko, lahat tayo sinabihan ng mga nakatatanda sa atin before. We were told that we should take care of ourselves. Most especially, we should take care of our health for nothing is more valuable than being healthy. Pero, hindi tayo nakinig.  Mahirap makinig kung wala tayong nararamdaman sa katawan di ba?  We always thought that it will happen to the other guy, not me.

As I write this, I am very serious with my advice to all of you.  I want you to think about how you can change your lives for the better.  Marami pa tayong dapat gawin sa mundo.  Marami pa tayong kabutihan at kasiyahan na maipahahantulot sa kapwa natin.  Let’s take pre-cautions now.  Little-by-little para hindi overwhelming.  One healthy habit at a time.

I still need to be better in my self-discipline when it comes to exercising and eating habits.  I have to be more vigilant in making sure that I stay the course.  So far, I haven’t gone back to smoking.  I pray that I continue to be strong and not give in to “excuses”.   I will do this.  I have no other choice.

Kayo rin – ingat ingat na kayo.  Masarap ang lechong kawali, pero mas masarap kung hindi ka mag-ka heart attack.  Di ba?

Yun lang pow!



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