Miriam Defensor Santiago for President 2016 #MiriamSantiago2016 #Halalan2016



The name is in the hat!  Laban na Senator Miriam Santiago!

I was hoping for Mayor Rodrigo Duterte or Senator Miriam Santiago to run for President in 2016.  Mayor Duterte kept saying no, or would tease that he may run but then later concluded that he is not going to aim for higher office.  Medyo disappointed ako but then again, there was still Senator Santiago who until today had not said a word about running for President.  Finally, October 13th (Miracle of the Sun at Fatima), Sent. Santiago said that she will file her COC for President in 2016!

Facebook and Twitter quickly carried the news of this announcement and I, for one, am very delighted about the announcement.  Tuloy ang LABAN ika nga ni Maria Sofia Love.  Now, we have a real candidate who deserves to be in office.

Kailangan nating iboto ang nararapat.  Sen. Santiago has proven time and again that she will not cease and she will not back down against corrupt politicians and she will implement punishment at the full extent of the law.

Sino sa inyo ang boboto kay Sen. Santiago?  Humanda na tayo – – we need to prepare so that she could succeed in next year’s elections!


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