A Moratorium.

Spending-more-when-you-don-not-find-what-you-are-looking-forI stayed home over the weekend.  I didn’t go out and partied all night Friday so I can get up and feel horrible on Saturday.  Before, that was a sign of a good Friday night for me.  Having a hang over on a Saturday morning indicates that I had a great time.  Nowadays, things are a-changing.  I’d rather wake up early on a Saturday morning, go to mass and then walk my dog for a bit. After a quick walk, I would prepare a healthy breakfast and enjoy it very slowly as I stare out the window.

The irony of staying in on weekends to save money is that you spend it on other things.  Since I was with my dog all day, I wanted to get him a new toy while I put the others in the wash.  I came back with a cart full of stuff from Walmart.  (Yes, I do shop at Walmart sometimes.  They have great deals!)  Then, I wanted to replenish my stock of paper towels.  I go to BJ’s and guess what?  I come home with a GoPro kit – simply because it was there. Ugh.

As I looked around my house, I see plenty of things that I have in my house but don’t need.  I throw or give stuff away just so that I don’t end up in one of those “Hoarders” show but I still think I have a lot of stuff.  Who collects Bluerays anymore? I bought “Devil Wears Prada and Gremlins” just because they were five bucks a piece.  I can watch both of these films on Netflix.  Why did I find the need to buy them? I need to change my ways.

Today , I decided on one thing.  Nothing goes in the house unless something goes out.  This means that if I am tempted to buy anything, I need to sell something.  It’s just a win-win right?  I get money for what I am looking to buy and I free up space in the home which reduces clutter.  In looking around though, I need to sell a lot more before I even buy anything.  Therefore, a MORATORIUM.  I am not going to buy anything that is unnecessary.  That includes online shopping as well.  It starts today , October 19th.

In my effort to find a place for the things that I have that I do not need, I have created a “balikbayan” box to send home.  Any clothing that I have not used in over three months have no place in my closet.  And these are mostly all brand new clothing.  Some that I purchased and reserved for use someday but since I gained weight, can no longer use it.  Others are the ones I’ve used once or twice but will never use again.

I also found a lot of items that are in my attic like brand new water  bottles, tote bags from Brazil, and lots of stuff that I’m sure will be of use somewhere else other than my home.  I am shipping them all to the Philippines or donating them to Goodwill.  I need to simplify my life.

It is my goal for the next month or so, to look for things around the house which I can sell or donate.  The main objective is to remove items that I don’t use and will never use.  I will update you guys next month on my progress.   I also have a story to tell as related to why I am doing this.  Do come back soon for the details.  🙂

Until next time – it’s time to de-clutter! (is that even a word?)




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