Vlogging. Is it for you?

I have been blogging now for approximately 8 years.  I have waned a lot but I haven’t quit yet.  There is something about writing down my emotions help me cope with struggles that I encounter in life.   That is why I continue to blog.  It is an outlet for me.  You must have been told that if you are feeling angry or sad, write it down.  By the time you’re done writing it, your emotions will change.  You may end up being less angry, or more angry but at least you had given yourself enough time to think first before doing anything that you would regret later.

medium_199247527Because of filming being available to everyone (cell phones, cameras, etc.), a lot of people have turned from blogging to vlogging.  Mas madali kasing magsalita kaysa magsulat.  Not everyone is born to face the camera though.  There’ s a technique to it and I don’t think I have mastered that yet.  I don’t know how to feel comfortable in front of a camera.  Kaya siguro medyo delayed ang stardom ko.  LOL.

I have been thinking of it but I am not a good video editor.  I don’t think I have the patience to learn how.  I’ve seen great vloggers like Happy Slip and Roi and Alex Wassabi from Wassabi Productions – they are natural and require no effort at all!  I also watch Mark Miller and his boyfriend.  I’ve always wanted to find out what camera they use because the images are crisp and colorful!

Pero, dahil sa ayokong ma-expose ang persona ko, I am reluctant.  Unless I can make money from vlogging that would replace my income from my regular job, I can’t do it.  Ha-ha!  Mahirap na no? Eh kung masisante ako dahil sa mga kabulastugan ko sa videos di ba?  But then again, there’s Maria Sofia Love – who does not have the best camera in the world – and no video editing – pero she catapulted to stardom with her 15 minutes of fame just by simply recording herself and speaking her truth.  Kaya I am torn.

I just found that it is so much fun to look at old videos that I’ve taken on my iPhone 6 plus.  Some are funny, some are not-so-funny but they record memories that are good to look back and reminisce.

So, for now, I think I found the camera that I will buy if I ever decide to vlog.  Medyo may kamahalan nga lang siya, but the quality is great so I may just get it.  It is also wi-fi enabled so sharing is easy.

If I do decide, I will post experimental videos here para ma-judge ninyo.  Until then- – read read lang kayo.  I have a couple of trips coming up that you may want to get nosy about. 🙂

Cheers!  Have a great weekend!



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