I am leaning towards the Roxas-Robredo Ticket. #Halalan2016

We may think now that the election is still too far ahead to be seriously thinking about who you would be voting for.  I had the strongest inclination to push for Sen. Miriam Santiago as President until she made the awful choice of running with Sen. Bong Bong Marcos.  I had lost interest in supporting her – unfortunately.

I also thought that Mayor Rodrigo Duterte could possibly run and if he did, there is a possibility that I would support him.  However, his urong-sulong style of running and not running gave me doubts on how effectively he can run a country if a decision such as running or not running can go for months.  I just heard recently that he can still possibly run.

But of course, I couldn’t make up my mind even after Pres. PNoy Aquino endorsed Interior Secretary Mar Roxas to run in 2016.  I barely know him and his advocacies so I was still unsure.  Until, he picked Leni Robredo to run as his VP.  I had known the respect many politicians had for her late husband Secretary Jesse Robredo when he suddenly passed away due to a plane crash.  He was well-known for transparency, integrity and deserving of all the respect given him by his peers.  For that reason, I wanted to learn about Leni Robredo.

For now, I had seen the video below wherein Leni was interviewed on CNN Philippines and people where asked to provide their questions and concerns about the policies and laws in the Philippines.  I loved her answers!  Not only does she have great credentials, graduating from University of the Philippines with a degree in Economics and proceeded to take up Law but was a lawyer who was already active in public service, helping the poor farmers and women.

She reminds me of President Cory Aquino.  She speaks well and she speaks honestly and from the heart.  Her advocacies of empowerment, transparency, government accountability are the things that I look for in a candidate.

Watch the video below and let me know what you think!

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4 Comments on "I am leaning towards the Roxas-Robredo Ticket. #Halalan2016"

  1. I am with you on this. Roxas – Robredo for the win!

  2. Ditseee! DU30 is my president! 🙂

  3. Ate!! Ako rin sana = siya rin ang bet ko – pero Ulong-Sulong si manong eh. Ano ba? LOL!

  4. Excellent choice.

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