Who is Mar Roxas? #Halalan2016

Since I mentioned that I might be leaning towards a Roxas-Robredo ticket for next year’s Presidential Election in the Philippines, my blog has received so much traffic.  Some support my opinion while some were against it.  I mentioned in the post that I do not know Mar Roxas that well and do not know Leni Robredo too.  If I am going to be a responsible voter, and I have seen something that I like about a candidate, I should perform due diligence by researching and getting to know the candidates I am going to vote for.

With that, I had to do a quick search on who Mar Roxas is.  What has he done?  What are his credentials?  What’s his history as far as political experience go?

To tell you the truth, at first glance,  I am already impressed.  Mind you however, this is just a preliminary look.  Nothing is set in stone yet.  I am simply trying to understand why he was endorsed by the current president.

Mar Roxas


I am so glad to know that Mar Roxas graduated from Wharton School of Economics at the University of Pennsylvania.  The Wharton School is a prestigious business and economics school in the United States.  It is ranked up there with other ivy league schools like Stanford Graduate School of Business  and Harvard Business School.  Many CEOs and CFOs of large companies like Time, Inc., Apple, New York Times, Phillips and many other Fortune 500 companies graduated from Wharton School of Business.


He worked for seven years as an investment banker in New York for Allen & Company after graduation, eventually becoming assistant vice-president. He worked with the company that helped Jollibee go public, he was a participant in the earl financing of The Discovery Channel and Tri-Star Pictures in the US.  He was responsible in coordinating investment round-table discussions of then President Corazon Aquino with the  American business community.


He took a leave of absence from his job in New York to join the campaign staff of Corazon Aquino when President Marcos agreed to a snap elections in 1985.  When his brother Dinggoy, who was the representative for the 1st District of Capiz died from cancer at the age of 33, Mar decided to run to take his brother’s place.    He won that election and eventually he served as Majority Leader for the House of Representatives.  He resigned because he was appointed as Trade and Industry Secretary by then President Joseph Estrada.    When allegations of corruption of President Estrada surfaced, Mar Roxas resigned his post only to be reinstated by President Gloria Arroyo.  He was appointed as Secretary of Transportation and Communications in 2011.  In 2012, he was appointed to Secretary of Interior and Local Government.


He was elected as Senator in 2004.  He has done so much that if I list it here, it would take up the whole space.  But if you want to know what he’s done, you can click HERE

Here are a few that I actually like a lot:

  • Affordable Medicines
  • Tax Exemption for Minimum Wage Earners
  • Anti-Smuggling Bill
  • Free Information Act

So far, I like what I have read.  I still need to research his affiliations and find out whether at any time, he condoned any individual or party who is corrupt or allowed corruption to thrive.

What have you learned about your candidate so far?


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