Before Duterte, Poe, Binay and Roxas, Let’s talk about me first.


The new year has been ushered in.  We are well into January and going on the third week.  I welcomed it with open arms as I closed the last chapter of my life and open a still-unknown future.  I am excited!  It could be anything that I hope it to be!  What a difference in outlook I have between this week and last week.  I am energized!

This is not my doing.  It is not something that I planned.  I mean, people go through changes in life.  There are the happy changes like graduation, marriage, having a baby, buying a new house, traveling to a place you have never been to, meeting your first love and all those other things we consider beautiful and fun!  Yet there are sad changes as well like divorce, menopause, death, a break-up, a fight, a tragic event that is horrible and unfathomable.  These are still changes.  It’s called life.

Most of you know that when I was growing up, all I wanted to be was to become a priest.  I want to preach the gospel, help the poor, comfort the dying, counsel the troubled and so forth.  That was my passion when I was seven years old.  However, things to change.  I pursued it all the way to the point where I realized that the priesthood was not for me.   Then, I found a career that I thought would be the career that I will retire in.  I loved my job when I started and I worked passionately even if they didn’t pay me well enough because I was doing something that I loved.  I felt like I never worked a day during those times because it was something I fell in love with.

If I had continued with that career, I would have probably been promoted and have reached top management by now.  It takes only one person or thing to derail you from all your passion and dreams.  It was a person in my case.  A boss that had the dislike for me for whatever reason.  I became a threat to him and he did his best to get rid of me.   I had to find a job quickly even though it is outside of the career I was in.  That changed the whole career landscape for me. I cannot say that it changed it for the worst because I got into an industry that pays more.  It is just that it is not the job that I love doing.

Fast forward to today.  I lived a comfortable life with the job that I was thrust into.  It provided me ways to travel a lot and achieve success.  Now, it is time to change again.  It is not because of a person this time.  It is because of the situation.  I am in the perfect situation to start a new career at this time in any field that I would like to go into.  I can become a Medical Laboratory Scientist, take up Masters in Health Informatics, or get back into the job that I have loved ever since – Logistics and Supply Chain Management.  The possibilities are endless.  I could go into real estate, or financial planning, or maybe go into managing a Bed and Breakfast home for travelers.  It is really up to me.

So, before we discuss  the upcoming election in the Philippines and the United States, I just wanted to share this event of my life with you all.  There will be changes and I am unsure for now which way I am going to go.   Please do come back and see what I am up to in the coming weeks.

Thank you for continuing to follow my blog.  I am forever grateful.


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