Vlogging, retirement and a new beginning.


I’ve heard it while growing up.  People have said, “You work for a company all your life, and you think they will take care of you.  That is not true.  It always depends on the bottom line.”

I never realized how true it was until it happened to me.  I have worked for the same company since I was 22.  I have been loyal to the organization and have made the company a lot of money in the process.  I worked in operations and then moved on to the company’s Information Technology Department and made my living as a Project Manager.  It wasn’t a bad deal, especially knowing that I did not have a college degree when I started at the company.  The company was family-run and I felt like I belonged to the family.  I have shared many Christmas parties with the whole clan and I am even friends with all the brothers.  But like I said, a company will always look at their bottom line to determine whether they still have a need for an employee or not.  It’s nothing personal but that how business is.  You either make a profit, or you close up shop.

Before the end of last year, anyone who’s worked for the company for over 25 years or is 60 years or older may opt for an early retirement package.  You get a good severance pay and you cease working for the company.  You sign the documents and swear up and down that you will no longer come back to the company for more money or sue them for discrimination or anything that will damage its reputation.    Once you sign, you have seven days to retract what you signed, otherwise, it means that you will fade into the sunset.

I am still young.  I have a lot of years remaining where I can work as a Project Manager or a Business Analyst.  I could have stayed with the company but rumor has it that the company is positioning itself to sell.  That could mean two things.  Either I get promoted to a higher position  or I get taken off my role and receive a pink slip.  What am I to do?  Do I stay and take the chance or do I leave now and start a new career while I still can? The company may not sell for another five years or so as they are making the proper changes to become attractive to buyers.  If I wait that long, I will never leave the company.  I will have to stay there until they hand me the pink slip.  By that time, it will be harder for me to switch to a new career.  I did what I had to do.  I accepted the offer.

You have to understand that I have not had a job interview external to the organization.  I have always been promoted from within and there were no formal interviews that go with it.  It was more or less a pass through.  You speak to your manager and ask if you could apply for the internal position and when he or she agrees, then you can apply.  The process is relaxed since I have been an employee for a very long time.

This time around, I would have to practice interview questions.  What would be my response should I be asked certain questions about managing people or how I handle a difficult employee?  These are real questions that are the career-defining questions if answered correctly.  And how about my body language?  How do I act?  What would it take to make me act more confident?

I would like to blog about the experience and talk about it first-hand.  What am I feeling after taking the package?  Do I intend to go back to the workforce as an employee or do I start my own business?  Each of these things is playing over my head and I can see myself being in a business of my own.  In fact, I just see how the Kardashians go for a business venture after business venture and watch them succeed at it.  We are all created equal, right?  What others can do, I can do as well as long as I put my heart and soul into it?  Is it that easy?  We shall see.

Until then, I want to let my readers know that I am doing well.  I am taking the retirement lifestyle easily and trying not to stress myself out.  I need to find a job that I really love.  Could vlogging be in my future?  Maybe.  Let us wait and discover.



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  1. hi ditseee! same same tayo. i dont know where yet but im already excited to start anew. lets hope for the best!

  2. Mismooo Sanse!! Kailangan ng bagong chapter!!

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