The path to finding a job. The unexpected early retirement.

Employed Chalk drawing. Changing unemployed to employed.

Employed Chalk drawing. Changing unemployed to employed.

I never thought that I would face this crossroad early in life.  I had a wonderful job, worked with the organization for a very long time and have been quite successful at it.  I thought I was set for life.  Suddenly, the market shifts within the industry and changes have to be made.  One of the changes includes eliminating employees who have worked for the company for a very long time and hire new ones and pay them less for the same job.  Although it was a voluntary request (up to me…), I took the offer.

Kairita di ba?  What the eff?

In fairness, I was offered a severance pay that would last me quite some time in order to find a new job that I would enjoy.  At this stage of my life, I want to do something that I really love doing.  Yet, I still have a mortgage on my house and since I took student loans out to get my degree, I still have that to pay as well.  Thank goodness, I don’t have much credit card debt, otherwise, I will be in serious trouble.

It has only been two weeks since my last day at the office.  I am still getting used to this newfound routine that I have.  Alam ninyo ba that it is harder to get through the day without an agenda?  Because I lack those routinary duties that I do daily, I can do pretty much whatever I want to do.  I can stay in bed all day or go and stay at the park with my dog and play – all day.

With the experience that I had in the past two weeks, I have realized that I should set a schedule for myself.  I need to get up at a certain time and create a list of things that I should accomplish throughout the day.  I feel that without a list, I will accomplish nothing.

My posts for the next couple of weeks would be related to my journey as I find my way through the application process, interview process, and hopefully landing a job that I love doing.  I pretty much intend to get hired in the next month or so.

If you are out there and on the same boat as I am, come back and see my progress.  I will write down the mistakes that I encounter and how I remedied it.  I will provide you the questions that I get from interviewers and how I answered them.

I haven’t been on an interview for a very long time so this will take some getting used to as well.  I need to study and prepare for each interview.

Until next time – – follow my journey to a new job!


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