Fresh from a quick trip to Chicago. I love that city!


I have been to Chicago several times in the past. It may not have been as often as I’d like to visit but I’ve seen enough of Chicago that I could say it is one of the cities that I have fallen in love with.

First, the people I know who lives there are very welcoming. They’ve managed to make me feel right at home in the very short time I’ve known them. I’ve also been on a trip with some of them so I have gotten to know them a little better than mere acquaintances at the bar. You know what I mean?

Over the years, I’ve visited on different occasions to specifically hang out in Boystown. This trip was a little different as I was there to meet with my former college classmates. I was going to be plucked out of the city and taken to a place called Downers Grove, IL. Imagine that! 🙂

So, before I headed out to Downers Grove, I got to spend some time with a few friends.  We started it out with lunch at Filipino restaurant called La Isla, with friends Patrick, Sherwin, Jellicoe and Darnel.  The food was amazing and we ordered more than we can manage to eat, so naging take home yung iba.   Mga PG kami nung araw na yon.  For a party of five people, we ordered pork barbecue, lumpiang shanghai, adobong pork and chicken, ginisang munggo, tinolang manok and dinuguan.  Grabe noh??

Then we ended up with a cocktail and hors d’ oeuvre night at Darnel’s place which was kind of him to offer.  It was a pleasant night with about 12-15 people in attendance.   It was kind of intimate right after a third of the folks left and headed out to the clubs.  We played the “I have never ever…” game.  I have all the answers on video so I may share some in the next few posts.

Over the next day, we had brunch at Angelina’s where we had bottomless mimosas.  Right after it, we went to Sidetrack and spent the rest of the day there all through the evening hours.  That was when my college classmates picked me up and brought me to a place called Downers Grove.

I will be posting photos and telling you stories about the trip.  Be sure to come back soon!



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