Chuva’s Next Chapter.


Life can be tough. Just when you least expect it, you are thrown a curve ball that will change everything in your path. Your plans, your future, and you!

You may have already learned that I have taken an early retirement package from my organization. I took it not because I wanted the money but because I wanted a change. You see, I have been working at this company for a very long time and I feel that I have already reached the peak of my career with them. There is no more room for me to grow. I felt that my skills are stagnant and I am no longer learning new things in the process. So, when the offer came out, I had to think really deeply if I wanted to take it or stay. If I stayed, my future will be unpredictable anyway because I have heard rumors that the organization is being sold. If and when that happens, I could benefit or lose out on the deal. I didn’t want to take the chance.

It has been a month since I left my job voluntarily. Yes, I am still receiving a paycheck like everyone else. It gives me time to think of what I want to do next. Do I continue with Information Technology like I have always been or move on to something else and learn a new industry?

Alam ninyo kasi mga ka-bords, I was originally a pre-med student nung nasa Pilipinas pa ko. Somehow, the students who wear white uniforms when they attended school back then looked so attractive to me. Attractive in a sense that they are aiming for one of the well-respected careers in the Philippines. A doctor. When I applied, (mahina talaga ako sa Math), I applied at only two universities. University of Santo Tomas, and MAPUA Institute of Technology. If I didn’t get accepted at either one, I didn’t know where I would have ended up then. I was not accepted at MAPUA but I was accepted at UST. B.S. in Medical Technology. I was excited of course. I did spend a short time at UST (I didn’t finish as I had to leave for the US) and had the most fun ever. I only spent a year and a semester there but I made lifelong friends. To this day, I still keep in touch with most of them on Facebook and have met up in several reunions including the big one last year, when I went home to the Philippines for that sole purpose.

Fast forward to today. I had been working in Information Technology in the Supply Chain and Logistics Management space for a very long time. It’s really not my calling but it paid well. I worked the job just like any other job. My passion was not in it. I could have probably worked another 15 years in the field but would have never been satisfied with myself.

Therefore, when the offer came up for early retirement, I had to take a hard look at where I am, how old I am and where I intend to be in the future. Do I want to continue working a job I never really liked for the rest of my working days? Or do I start at a job that I really would enjoy? That was when it hit me. I could take a one-year post-baccalaureate course and earn a degree in Medical Laboratory Science (Formerly known as Medical Technology). It will be purely online (except for the clinical rotations) and it’s only 19 credits that I have to take to complete.

I am going back to basics, my friends. I need a skill that is portable. One that I can take with me regardless of where I want to be (location-wise). I took all my credentials, applied online and I am now just waiting to see if I get accepted into the program. My plan is to take this course full time for one year and then wherever that will take me is anyone’s guess. I may move to California or maybe move to Florida. Who knows? But for now, my focus is to get that degree. I will have to reassess my situation then.

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