The way of the world. How are you faring out?


It has officially been almost two months since I took a package from a job that I have been doing for ages.  I figured it shouldn’t be hard for me to find employment since I have plenty of experience in the Supply Chain and Logistics industry and the Information Technology department.  One thing that is hard to find when you are unemployed is the confidence that you can land that next job in no time.  Each rejection that you get is a blow to your self-esteem.  And in a span of two months, I have been rejected by most of the companies I have applied with.

To anyone out there who think that finding a job if you have the proper credentials would be easy, think again.  There are lots of factors that play a role when applying for a job.  Unfortunately, one of the factors is how old you are.  It is something that remains unspoken but age discrimination in the workplace exists.

When I read want ads in a Philippine newspaper, I was appalled to read the age requirements for a position.  Like, “Between the ages of 25-30 only” or something to that effect.  I thought to myself, how is this allowed to happen?  Isn’t this the 21st century?  If someone is able to do the job, regardless of how old they are, they should be given the opportunity to perform if necessary.  I thought that allowing to publicly state that in a want ad is ludicrous.  Until I started applying for jobs here in the U.S.  They won’t advertise or tell you what age you need to be to be hired but it is an invisible question out there.  It is not spoken but you can be discriminated against simply for being too old.

The way that corporate America is changing leaves many people in their 50s looking for jobs.  The company that they worked for are either selling or replacing aging workers with younger ones who they can pay less to accomplish the same jobs.  The loyalty to the employee barely exists in today’s corporations.  I can probably go as far as saying that it barely exists even in yesterday’s corporations.  And that is sad.  I have worked my butt off for a company which I thought would be the company I would retire from.  I poured sweat, blood and tears working for the same company for over 25 years.  Then, the owners decide to sell the company and workers like me are given a choice.  Take a package now so you can look for a job with a cushion or risk getting laid off when the new company takes over.  Two very difficult choices and I had to take the one which is safer for me.

Although I do have the opportunity to look for my new gig, some people are not as lucky.  They are given two weeks or less and let go from their jobs.  What do you do if you have a family to support? It is a difficult situation.  Some take their 401K investments and open up a business.  Others are lucky to start working on their passion and turn it into a very profitable business.

I am doing both.  I am opening up a business and partnering with someone to hopefully launch pretty soon.  I continue to actively look for employment opportunities and maybe work on both at the same time if I am lucky.

To those of you who have jobs, be grateful.  To those who don’t, I wish you well and best of luck to us all.  It’s a tough market out there!

Until next time.  I will be sure to give you updates on my progress with both. (business and employment)


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