Chuva goes to Amsterdam. #amsterdam #holland #vacation #netherlands

I have not heard of Keukenhof Gardens until this time around when one of my travel mates insisted that we go to the festival as soon as we landed in Amsterdam. I think that’s a fault in me. I don’t usually plan places to visit when I travel. I leave it up to my travel mates. Sama lang ako ng sama. Although, after this trip, I know now that I have to be more cognizant of the places that I want to visit so we can plan earlier.

So, first order after dropping our bags off at our Airbnb place was to get ready and drive to Keukenhof. We had a fabulous driver who picked us up from the airport and accompanied us to Keukenhof. I am so glad that we did it even though it was freezing in Amsterdam. It’s due to the freaking La Nina, El Nino, La Bamba bull crap. LOL.


Super gayak na ang tropa.  Drive na agad!





When you see these fields and fields of colorful tulips and other flowers, you’d be in awe. Grabe pala ang ganda ng mga ito. It was surrounded by barb wires pero we jumped through it to take better photos. Sandali lang naman and we did not damage anything.












Although it was a quick trip, we really had fun. I am glad that we took the time to take this route and get it off our list. And by the way, it was the last day of the Festival when we arrived. Suwerte talaga.

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