Age is just a number. Or is it?

In several days, I will be celebrating my  birthday once again.  Without telling you my real age, I could at least tell you that I have been around for a very long time.  And I mean – a very loooooooong time. My saving grace is the fact that many tell me that I don’t look my age.  It is kind of nice to have that trait being of Asian descent and all. 😉

If you ask me, I don’t think and act my age at all.  Maybe that is because I a am single and I don’t have to really act as a parent to anyone.  I say that because I noticed that with my peers who are married and settled with their own families, seem to act more matured that my single counterparts.  They have kids to act as role models to and they also have the real worries of the world like baby diapers, school bags, and tuition fees for the children etc.  That’s just a wild guess.  I can say that single people have worries too and I cannot discount the fact that some singles have more worries than married people at times.

When I get together with friends 10-years ago, we talk about guys, guys, and guys.  We talk about trips and places to go.  Nowadays, when I get together with friends, we talk about aches and pains, prescription medications and natural remedies for our ailments.  It is almost funny to watch us because we have been friends for so long and the conversations had evolved from talking about senseless topics to talking about politics, religion and what we should do about our lives to make it more meaningful in the short time we have left. The difference in topics is huge.

Who’s to say then, that age is just a number?  There are events that we encounter today that would have had a different reaction  if we encountered them several years back.  Our demeanor has changed regardless whether we admit it or not.  These subtle things are part of aging.  We walk slower than we used to, and we remember less than before.  Eventually, we will have to admit that we cannot do the things we used to do before.  It’s just a fact and there’s no preventing it.  It’s the cycle of life.

Despite all these, there’s one thing that we should always remember.  We should spend our days in the best way possible where we should be happy at all times and not worrying about the little details of life.  There’s so much for us to be grateful for and if we can spend our days smiling and spreading the warmth of love to other people that we meet along the way, the world will be a better place.

So the question whether age is just a number or not, I could probably say that it is.  But I won’t deny that the number speaks louder than just being a number.  With this comes things that prove that the number is far stronger than us.  We just have to take it in strides and spend each day in the most positive way we can.  Quality versus quantity.



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