Are there any of us left with a brain? #PHVote2016 #Halalan2016

Workers of the National Printing Office (NPO) and COMELEC start validating the Official ballots thru the PICOS Machine for the coming local election at the NPO Office in Quezon City??.photo/boy santos

Ano ba mga Chuvanians?  Sino ba an iboboto ninyo?

At first, I thought that the issue of voting for someone simply because we believe in what the candidate is putting forward or like I did during the last two elections here in the U.S., I voted for President Barack Obama because I was tired of Bush and his failed policies.  I was tired of seeing him not work and always at play while the economy crumbled.   The American people were angry.

But, this time around, people will vote for Donald Trump because he says what they want to say but are afraid to say.  I can understand that.  The American people are tired of the “institution” or the “fixtures” in Washington and believe that they are not offering anything new to fix the country’s problems.    Therefore, they are now rebelling and Donald Trump seems to be the answer to their problems.

Then, I realized that it’s not just the Filipino voters that baffle me anymore, for voting for and re-electing corrupt officials in government.  Look at former President Joseph Estrada, after being ousted for corruption, is now the Mayor of Manila.  How about Imelda Marcos, who have been accused of stealing billions of dollars from the Filipinos for 20-years, was first elected as Governor or Leyte and is now a Congresswoman.  What makes us vote for the candidates that we vote for?  Is it really just the money that is being paid to us to vote for them?  Or is there more to it than just the money?

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is being compared to be the Trump of the Philippine Presidential Elections.  He says the very things that the Filipino people would like to hear.  Filipinos are tired of corruption and regardless of what history or background Duterte has, they believe in his capability to eradicate criminality and corruption.  He is not part of a political dynasty and he has a great track record from his hometown of Davao.

In all that, bakit nangunguna pa rin sa polls si Jejomar Binay and Grace Poe?  Bakit hindi tayo mag-isip na ang future ng mga anak natin ay nakasalalay sa makapagpapalakad ng bansa natin ng matino at mapayapa?  What does VP Jejomar Binay have to offer?  Senator Grace Poe?  Senator Mar Roxas?

If you are voting this coming May 9th, I suggest you learn about the candidate that you will be voting for.  Learn as much about them as you can.  There is another debate in Cebu City on March 20th – – you must watch and react to the voices of each candidate.

Here in the states, we have had many debates between the Republican and Democrat nominees.  It weeds out the ones who can’t sustain their campaign or garner enough support from the American people.  It has to work the same way in the Philippines.  Give support to the most viable candidate that you believe can serve you and your country the best.  Don’t let other people tell you who it is that you should vote for.  Use your brain.

Yun lang pow.



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