Arizona? Who knew?


If you’ve ever been to Arizona, you probably know how hot it gets during the summer. I don’t know because I haven’t been to Arizona during the summer but I was able to visit the Grand Canyon during the winter. It was an unbelievable experience if you ask me. One that would probably end up in the books.

My friends and I decided to venture out west to spend some time in Las Vegas, and then drive to the Grand Canyon in Arizona over the winter. This was during the time that the east coast was bracing for one of the biggest winter storms we could have had in quite a few years. It was just last year. I can’t believe it.

Anyhow, we were all excited to see the Grand Canyon. We have prepared for this trip months before and to think that it is Arizona, we thought that it would be warm and sunny. When have you seen snow in the Arizona? Have you ever thought that it snowed in Arizona? Neither did we!

But yes. It happened. On our way to the Grand Canyon, it started snowing in Arizona. It snowed so bad that visibility turned treacherous that we had to decide whether to proceed or turn around. We ended up turning around and going back to Vegas. That’s how that experience went.

I have a friend who lived in Arizona and he had invited me for a visit for the longest time. He warned me that the best time to visit is in the Spring because it doesn’t get too hot and it gets cold but not too cold. I wanted to experience summer there though because I remember living in California in the late 90s and we traveled to Las Vegas overnight. We arrived in Las Vegas at 6:30 in the morning and it was 103 degrees Fahrenheit! I thought that was crazy and fun at the same time.

I do understand though. Why would you visit a place that is known to get so hot in the summer that if the air conditioning broke, you would more than likely find yourself moving out to a hotel nearby. Besides, how bad would it be to look up “air conditioning services Scottsdale” online? It may not be hard to find air conditioning services but if the heat was enough to break ones air conditioning, you would think that it could break someone else’s as well. Finding one during that time could be easy, getting one may not be so easy.

In any case, I learned a lot from the poor planning that we did on that trip. It was something that could have turned out a little better but over all, who can mess with the weather? The weather changes, it either makes your vacation great or miserable. It’s up to you to meet the occassion with misery or treat it with respect.

Most recently, we learned that there are two sides to the Grand Canyon. We could have gone to the other side and not encounter what we did. But we did not know that. There were five of us on the trip and no one bothered to look at the best spot to visit the canyon during winter time. We could have saved all of us a lot of grief.

I am not getting any younger and someday, I will have to choose a place where I would want to spend my remaining years. The question that comes up every time is, “Would I want to settle at a place where there’s no snow?” Sometimes my answer to that question is yes. At times, I say no. There’s a difference in having four seasons in my opinion but then again, who would want to shovel snow when you’re 60?

Arizona was a choice but maybe not. I could probably move to Florida or California, but even those states have their own problems. I need a place that is affordable during my retirement. I’m still weighing all my options. Arizona may come back into the picture someday. Who knows?


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