Best Military Men in Music Video Covers You Must See…


It’s not Spring just yet and we’re already missing all the military music video covers that are usually dominant on Youtube during the hot summer months. Well, there only remain a few days before it’s officially Spring so let’s get started with the Best Military Men in Music Video Covers you must see. Go ahead – start watching and drooling. There’ll be some new ones coming soon I’m sure….

Gangnam Style – US Navy

Deployed Lazy Song-Bruno Mars Tribute

Call Me Maybe – Afghanistan Royal Engineers

Call on Me – Funny Dance – Royal Marines

Tik Tok – US Air Force

Best Military Harlem Shake

Harlem Shake – US Army

Call Me Maybe’ Spoofed by U.S. Marines

Till The World Ends – Marine Edition

Hold it Against Me – 266 Rein Marines Official Version


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