British Diver Tom Daley Comes Out As Gay in a Video – “I’m dating a guy.”


I am not disappointed that British diver Tom Daley (who I adore!) came out as gay, and admitting to a video that he’s dating a guy. I am disappointed because I am not the guy that he is dating! LOL!

In all seriousness, I am glad that Tom Daley is brave enough to admit that life can change in an instant. He was exploring as a person, trying to find his way in this big wide world. And a part of that is finding your identity.

He explains in the video below:

“And come spring my life changed massively when I met someone and they make me feel so happy, so safe and everything feels great. And that someone is a guy.”

“Of course, I still fancy girls. But, right now I’m dating a guy and I couldn’t be happier.”

“Is it really a big deal? I don’t think so.”


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