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Simple things can protect little children.


I am still wondering how my sister can take care of four kids by herself. You all may know that I am alone (yes, not even a partner) and even with that, I cannot even take care of the stuff

When life was easy and things were simple.


Ahh. The good old days. You may not even think that it was once a lifestyle for Chuva Chienes to be riding horses in my grandfather’s horse stables when I was growing up. My grandfather used to breed champion race

Running a special for $3.95…


Hey, since we’re talking about web hosts – – I would like to share with you that there is a special going on right now. It’s called $3.95. What does that mean? Well, the average amount you could be

Looking for a cheap web host?


I have been blogging for almost three years now. It’s a great hobby for me. I love interacting with my readers and I do get satisfaction from it. One thing that I did before moving my blog to my own

While we’re on the subject..


Do you have marble floors at home? Ceramic tile floors? Have you ever slipped and fallen? It’s more common than you think. I just wrote a post about elderly falling without anyone around and how they can protect themselves through

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