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Zoom Zoomin Who?


Never have I dreamed of owning a motor bike.  I did ride in a motorcycle with my brother once and he took me out for a fun ride one night.  That was the end of my excitement. Some people dream

Planning ahead. Dream vacation soon!


The itinerary is set.  Vacation starts on the 16th of May and officially ends on the 2nd of June. To where? Since I am spending some time away from home this year without worrying about a dog to be dropped

Welcome 2014! What’s next?


Another year.  Another time.  Another 365 blank pages to write and today is the first day.   What are your goals?  Did you write them down?  Are you planning to find a new career?  Get a promotion?  Buy a porsche?

What would you do?


I recently saw a video uploaded on Facebook in a "What-would-you-do?" type of situation. If you walked into a theater filled with 148 bikers (let's say they are Harley Davidson bikers) with only two seats left in the theater for

The SM Store Pre-Christmas Sale – Dec. 17, 18, & 19


Here's a perfect Christmas treat to get you through that last-minute shopping!   The SM Store nationwide PRE-CHRISTMAS Sale!  December 17, 18 and 19!!!   Up to 50% off on great selections! For more info, join The SM Store online community

Marco Abel Nordio: Putting Fun Into Fitness


As an avowed fitness fanatic, Marco-Abel Nordio knows that some level of boredom is inherent in many repetitive and humdrum exercise regimens. Rather than sticking to the same old routine, incorporating a number of different activities into the fitness plan

Investor protection is paramount to Pacific West Capital Group


Pacific West Capital Group concerns itself with making certain that every detail of each investor transaction in its proprietary life settlement investments is anticipated. Some life settlement investments make payment of the premiums on the life insurance policy the responsibility

Rex Altree: Auto Glass Winter Safety Tips


Knowing how to properly care for your auto glass during the winter months can save you lots of stress. The snow, ice and chilly winter air present several safety concerns for your auto glass. With this in mind, there are

Visiting Tokyo With Sanjay Patil


The site of both medieval feudal power plays and some of the world’s most forward-thinking technological advances, Tokyo offers a chance to visit the ancient past, as well as peek into the brave new world of the future. Tokyo’s energy,

Jim McAluney: Finding the Right Insurance for Nonprofits


Considering the tight budget that most nonprofits run on, even a single unexpected expense could be devastating. Finding the right types of insurance to guard your business against large risks is one of the best moves your organization can make.

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