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HSG: Voices of 5 (VIDEO) – Maybe This Time


When you're an 80s product, and you grew up in the Philippines, you would know this song by heart.  Originally sung by Michael Johnson, it won the hearts of many.  Filipinos are such hopeless romantics and the thought of a

Bonjour!! A post from Paris…


Well, not just yet.  I'm not done with Venice just yet. Yes, I gained weight.  Salamat sa pag-notice ha? LOL.  That's the result of being locked inside my home for three months.  Uhmmm, not locked inside.  More like trapped inside by

First Destination: Venice, Italy.


We had planned this vacation for more than six months.  Friends from Chicago had gone to a trip last year that took them to Madrid, Barcelona, and Paris.  Their experience was wonderful so I decided to join them this time

Willie Revillame. The timeline.


If you are a regular reader here, you may already know that I am one who cares not to judge.  I know that I can never cast the first stone.  Judging is not for me.  I can only present facts.

BryanBoy – The Blogging Phenom.


I started blogging probably just a little bit after was launched.  I have been blogging for almost close to 7 years now (since 2007) and I remember the blogging superstars at that time.  There's a blogger from Australia named

Justin Utley. Who is he?


Eons ago, I received an email from the publicist / agent of Justin Utley, asking me if I wanted to feature this talent of a man, a multi-awarded singer/songwriter, whose life is an inspiration to LGBT folks (And he's cute

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