Lee Min Ho – Live in Manila – July 6th


LEE MIN HO: MY EVERYTHING - GLOBAL TOUR - Catch the Korean heartthrob in his first-ever live concert, as he serenades songs from his new album, answer questions and celebrate the night with his well-loved fans on July 6, 2013

Ouch! Miguel on Billboard Music Awards.


In case you missed Miguel's performance on Billboard Music Awards last night, you also missed a very troubling scene of him slamming a woman's head on the stage as he jumped and landed on her.  He continued performing as the

Brazil and Music.


One thing that I love about Brazil is the nightlife.   Like many European cities, their nightlife doesn't start until 12:00 or 1:00  in the morning.  You will see nothing but empty clubs before that time.  But once it starts pumping,

Aldrich Talondin – Wanted by Ellen Degeneres


If you all remember, Charice Pempenco originally got her jump start on the Ellen Degeneres Show before Oprah got wind of her. So, for this new Pinoy talent, to be called on by Ellen to come to her show, it

Part of Your World. Little Mermaid.


I'm an uncle again.  What's more fun is that I'm an uncle to a baby girl - - Charlotte Isadora. What I love about baby girls is that you can dress them up and give them fun little presents.  One

Good Cause.


  As Chuva Chienes, you know that I'm all for it when it comes to a good cause. So, when I was contacted by Andrew Apanov who represents Hungarian singer Andras Fixler, to see if would like to assist in

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