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Gay Straight Guys – – How true! =)


Thanks to Mam Reyna - I didn't know the video wasn't working so I am reposting it!! Thanks Ross!! I think this is hilarious! Woohoo!! I see this happening all the time... actually last time we went out, there was

Ayyyy – My Favorite Candidate for President ‘08 is Tone-deaf?


Sen. Hillary Clinton, while visiting Iowa for the first time as a hopeful 2008 Presidential candidate was recorded while singing the national anthem.  Is she really tone deaf???  I-DID-NOT-KNOW-THAT?!  No worries... I will still vote for her!!  :D [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfZ_gXCHaMw]

A Brief Update on the PRADYEK…


Hello everyone!  I'm going to write this blog entry in Tagalog as it will have more impact than relating it in English. I'm soooooooooooo glad I didn't post the AFTER pictures just yet.  We still have a lot to work

Choices… ‘The Greatest Miracle in the World’


Has anyone among you read this book? I was in senior high school at the time, with a girlfriend mind you. She's beautiful, smart, and like me - very spiritual. Someone lent her a book entitled, 'The Greatest Miracle in

Extreme makeover? Queer eye for the Lesbian Gurl?


You see, we have a friend who's beautiful, intelligent, and one of the nicest person you would ever wanna meet. But there was something wrong. She would always complain why she's not with anybody. Listening to her was agonizing as

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