I’m thinking of visiting Brazil again.


When I was first invited to visit Brazil by a family friend, I had no idea what to expect.  I have heard many good things about it, but I've heard such horror stories as well.  I had mixed feelings.  I

FIFA and Paul – the late psychic octopus.


It's funny. No one among my friends could remember the famous Paul the Psychic Octopus who became so famous during FIFA 2010. Who wouldn't have known him? He became world famous in such an instant and everyone (and I mean

Jenna Huhn and the History of Golf


Jenna Huhn grew up playing golf with her parents and still enjoys hitting the links for a lively round with friends in the Washington, D.C., area. Although golf is generally considered to be a product of Scottish ingenuity, some evidence

I want: Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch (PHOTOS)


Engadget published photos of what seemed to be the prototype for the new Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch.  It's very hip if you ask me and I may want it for myself when it does come out.  The underlying question would

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