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EP 17: Eric – I Will Miss You – TCCS Podcast


Photo Credit:  Ako, Ako ang may kuha nito! If you are a regular visitor here at Chuva Chienes dot com, I'm sure you know me by now.  Madaling ma-infatuate si Chuva.  I meet all sorts of people and sometimes, I

Another TCCS Podcast for Father’s Day… Chuva


This weekend (June 21st), we will celebrate yet another important event.  A day to remember one very important person in our lives.  Our fathers, uncles, brothers - whether they remained straight or not, living or dead. (Hahahaha!!)  Remember them,greet them,

A Happy Mother’s Day Podcast by Chuva Chienes


A picture of Ina at Anak by Fernando Amorsolo, honoring all the mothers out there.  Happy Mother's Day! This is an episode with a few stories about moms, "inays", "nanays", mommies, mamas  and the sacrifices they have made for us.

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