Who wants to go on a cross-country drive?


It's not foreign to my readers that I love to travel. Travelling has been one of my passions ever since I was a child. I love exploring new places and finding out about different cultures.  For the past fourteen years,

Arizona? Who knew?


If you've ever been to Arizona, you probably know how hot it gets during the summer. I don't know because I haven't been to Arizona during the summer but I was able to visit the Grand Canyon during the winter.

Journals. Do you keep one?


I have tried many times to keep a journal.  I am usually good for about two weeks but then, I get lazy after that.  I think it's always good to keep a journal simply to document your journey and to

Un Parisien. Un Parisienne.


Even before I set foot on it, I already knew that something is special about Paris.  As I've posted previously, it is to me, as elusive as it can be.  I have gone several rounds in Europe but somehow, through

Favela. Google Doodle.


I am not only amused by the daily Google Doodle change that Google is doing but ecstatic about the creativity as well! Aren't you excited? I mean, it's Brazil. Everybody loves Brazil. At least I do! Today, they have what

What’s on your bucket list?


My BFF resides here in Jersey with me. He is a flight attendant with US Airways (and now American Airlines since the merge). His husband lives in Arizona and works for the same airline. He has an apartment there and

Buongiorno Venezia!


After having the white glove treatment at Florian Cafe by the gorgeous and well-dressed servers (I should have taken a photo), we received a text that our friends have arrived from Cince Terre and that they are already on their way

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