First Destination: Venice, Italy.


We had planned this vacation for more than six months.  Friends from Chicago had gone to a trip last year that took them to Madrid, Barcelona, and Paris.  Their experience was wonderful so I decided to join them this time

A shopper in Venice.


When you visit a place you like, you tell yourself that you're going to come back and enjoy it even more. That's Venice for me. I visited Venice back in 2011 as the starting point of a European cruise. It just

Paris in 7 days!


Okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I am destined to be in Paris in 7 days.  I will spend a Spring vacation with a few of my closest friends.  Super excited because this will be my first time in the city of romance.  Could something

Buon giorno Venezia!


Four years ago, I received a call from a friend asking me if I have any time off left for the year.  It was in September of of 2010.  I remember hearing his voice saying that there's a unique offer

HuffPo puts Manila as one of Top 15 places to visit.


Brace for it Manila, tourists are coming your way! With a bustling economy and a very successful "It's More Fun in the Philippines" tourism campaign, the Philippines has received a lot of accolades from all over the world.  And not

Bonjour Paris!


My bucket list is full.  I am so excited to check off one more item from my bucket list this year. Over Lent, I was able to check off Mardi Gras in New Orleans.  It was the very first time

Caviar anyone?


Ever since I read a food blog that featured black caviar on top of a hard-boiled egg flavored with a hint of truffle oil, I have been craving it.  I've never had it and never made it but I am



My blog has been in existence since 2007.  Six years old.  I have dreamed of writing words that would inspire my readers to blog and write about their own journeys.  But I was side-tracked.  I was more interested in increasing

I wanna be a couch surfer.


There are different types of travelers.  Some travelers enjoy luxuries and would rather go for the most expensive flights and hotels because to them, traveling in style is the only way to go.  Other travelers, like me, could travel the

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