Buongiorno Venezia!


After having the white glove treatment at Florian Cafe by the gorgeous and well-dressed servers (I should have taken a photo), we received a text that our friends have arrived from Cince Terre and that they are already on their way

Bonjour!! A post from Paris…


Well, not just yet.  I'm not done with Venice just yet. Yes, I gained weight.  Salamat sa pag-notice ha? LOL.  That's the result of being locked inside my home for three months.  Uhmmm, not locked inside.  More like trapped inside by

First Destination: Venice, Italy.


We had planned this vacation for more than six months.  Friends from Chicago had gone to a trip last year that took them to Madrid, Barcelona, and Paris.  Their experience was wonderful so I decided to join them this time

A shopper in Venice.


When you visit a place you like, you tell yourself that you're going to come back and enjoy it even more. That's Venice for me. I visited Venice back in 2011 as the starting point of a European cruise. It just

Paris in 7 days!


Okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I am destined to be in Paris in 7 days.  I will spend a Spring vacation with a few of my closest friends.  Super excited because this will be my first time in the city of romance.  Could something

Buon giorno Venezia!


Four years ago, I received a call from a friend asking me if I have any time off left for the year.  It was in September of of 2010.  I remember hearing his voice saying that there's a unique offer

HuffPo puts Manila as one of Top 15 places to visit.


Brace for it Manila, tourists are coming your way! With a bustling economy and a very successful "It's More Fun in the Philippines" tourism campaign, the Philippines has received a lot of accolades from all over the world.  And not

Bonjour Paris!


My bucket list is full.  I am so excited to check off one more item from my bucket list this year. Over Lent, I was able to check off Mardi Gras in New Orleans.  It was the very first time

Caviar anyone?


Ever since I read a food blog that featured black caviar on top of a hard-boiled egg flavored with a hint of truffle oil, I have been craving it.  I've never had it and never made it but I am

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