TCCS – The Chuva Chienes Show 17 – Be Our Guest. Twitter and blogger friend @la_kapitana (AKA Reyna Elena) and @Chuva discuss the beginnings of

I am very pleased to have been granted an interview with Reyna Elena of   If you are familiar with this blog at all, and if you’re a regular listener to our podcast, you may have heard that he’s one of the reasons why I am a blogger.  I have been trying to get him to guest on my podcast but have failed to do so due to our conflicting schedules.

Reyna Elena (known as well as @la_kapitana on) Twitter has finally given us the royal interview. Our stories go back to the very beginning when we all started blogging. Pardon the noise and the barking dogs in the background. I decided to leave the interview as raw as it is to give you the experience as well.

Listen to what he had to say….and where our friendship started.

Listen to the podcast below:


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If you want to call me using Skype, my skype id is: podcastingchuva and become our next guest.

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