Cheaper iPhone on the way!


When my iPhone 5 was stolen last month, I wished there was a way to get a new iPhone and not have to pay the high cost that Apple iPhones demand.  Even with the deal that I was given, I still paid upwards of $430.00 to replace my stolen phone.

Fret not people.  Apple has been looking to manufacture a cheaper version of the iPhone for emerging markets (developing countries).  God knows that the price of the iPhone 5, if sold in the Philippines – could amount to an average person’s salary for a whole year or maybe more.

As much as I love the iPhone look and feel, with the aluminum casing and all, I would really like to see a cheaper version without losing the technology behind it.  We have iPhones because it is sleek, over-the-top in design, and its multiple functions.

Honestly, I think that the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S was more robust in construction than the iPhone 5.  The newest version may be lighter to carry but it lost the sturdiness that the version 4 series had.

The cheaper iPhone is rumored to be available late in the year 2013.

I guess it’s great news for many.  According to Bloomberg:

Strategy Shift

Adding a less-expensive version of the iPhone would be a strategy shift for Apple, which has until now tried to appeal to more budget-conscious customers by cutting the prices of older models. After introducing the iPhone 5, Apple kept selling the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 at reduced prices.

The device would use cheaper parts and may be smaller than current models, people familiar with the plans said. Apple was also considering a more versatile version that would work on multiple wireless networks, according to people who were briefed on the plans.

Apple has sold more than 270 million iPhones worldwide. The device generated $80.5 billion in sales last year, accounting for more than half of Apple’s revenue.

via Bloomberg


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