Chores chores chores!


This is another thing about the change of seasons, we get more busy because there are things that you must do and the only thing to remind you is to do it when the season changes.  One of the things that we normally do during Spring is Spring Cleaning.  It’s a time to get your house in order.  During the Fall season, I usually get my dryer vents and chimney cleaned.  Otherwise, I will never get them done.

Here’s a bit of a story that you will probably find amusing but I didn’t at the time.  I bought my home exactly 14 years ago.  Yes.  It’s a town home.  It was actually the second house that I picked because the first house that I really loved did not push through.  The first house I looked at was really awesome.  It had a brick face, hardwood floors inside, well maintained, brand new carpets and the layout was perfect.  A couple lived there, once is a resident doctor and his wife is a nurse.  We agreed on the price and the paperwork started rolling.  They had a contingency on the contract that if the house that they are trying to buy does not pan out, they will not sell.  Guess what?  Their credit weren’t approved so I had to give up buying their current house as well.  I was so bummed.

Then came many houses again that I had to look at with my realtor.  I really didn’t like much of them until I found this house where I live now.  It was a bit small for me since it’s only 400 square feet per floor but it has three floors.  1200 square feet is big enough for me.  The price was right, and I knew I can afford it so I put a bid in.  Everything turned for the best from then.  My realtor told me that the owner (who’s a nurse) accepted our bid.  The house is in a community with a lot of weeping willows on the ground.  It was a beautiful community.  During our closing, my realtor surprised me with a check. She said that she got the house for less than what I bid it for.  It was a pleasant surprise.

Long story short, I moved in.  Everything was so surreal.  This is my first house.  I remember when they handed me the keys and I went into the house all by myself.  I sat down in the middle of my-now-living-room, and thought to myself, “Wow, the American dream!”  The washer and dryer was brand new at the time and I thought, that was very nice of the previous owner to have left their washer and dryer.  Yet, each time I used the dryer, the bathroom (yes, the washer and dryer is located in the bathroom) would steam up and all the steam would be caught there.  I didn’t know why it was and if that was normal or not.  I let it go like that for about a year.  I thought, that’s just the way it is.  Then, the paint started to peel.  I figured, this must not be normal.

I had a dryer vent cleaner take a look at it just to see why the steam is being caught inside.  He told me that dryer vents usually vents outside the home.  He believed that my dryer vent is clogged.  So, off he went to get his tools and vacuum.  He started cleaning the vent.  Lo and behold!  There was a bird that nested on my vent that clogged the vent from the outside.  The steam was not being released outside because of it.  When the guy pulled the nest out, water came right behind it (like mud in color!).  I was pissed.  Since then, I had the vent exhaust covered with a screen to prevent birds from nesting in it.  That solved the steaming bathroom case!  If you haven’t had your dryer vents cleaned, you should have it done now before it gets called.  Like I always advise my readers, it’s easy to search the web.  Just type your location and keyword dryer vent like this: dryer vent cleaning Phoenix AZ

That’s one thing that I still have to get done before Fall really sets in.  I just have to finish my trip next week and return with a vengeance!  So many chores, so little time.



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