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This was the stairs to our penthouse Airbnb in London. Why did we book a penthouse?


I have to apologize as I broke my promise to create blog posts while traveling in Europe in the last couple of weeks.  I didn’t realize how fast and hectic our schedule would be in traveling three cities in 10 days.  I didn’t have time to breathe, let alone create a blog post.

Now, that the dust has settled and I am back in the good ‘ole U-S of A, I can now share our moments with you.  Pasensiya na kayo at natagalan ng kaunti.

The purpose of this trip was really two-fold.  One was to celebrate our birthdays (my classmates’ and mine) as it is a milestone for us.  Another, is to see the cities of London, Amsterdam, and Prague.  Although I’ve been to the first two, I have never been to the latter.  I have heard so much about Prague that I made a promise that I will one day walk its streets and meet its people.

Our first stop was London.  The last time I was in London was in October 2001 – only a month after the September 11th terrorist attacks in New York City.  We purchased the tickets in August and stayed in London for the weekend.  We were able to see a few things like the Buckingham Palace, London Bridge, Trafalgar Square, Parliament and Big Ben.  We were also able to visit the Westminster Abbey. But other than that, we missed the rest.  This time around, I wanted to visit the Stonehenge, Harrods, Harry Potter’s 9 3/4 station and Abbey Road.  I also wanted to see a show on the West End.  We got to do four out of five.  We simply miscalculated our time in London and that was that.  We still had a great time and we had a fantastic apartment a few stops away from Piccadily Circus.


First order of business was to settle in. Ang ganda ng flat namin. It is owned by a single British man who was super pleasant and accommodating. Ang problema? Dalawa lang ang kuwarto. But it was okay since there was enough space in the living room for a person to sleep in.  It was raining when we arrived so we decided to stay in for the night and get up early in the morning to go sightseeing.


Do you see all the bowls on the table? We got hungry and luckily, yung isang classmate namin nagdala ng mga ramen and spam. Nagluto ng ramen with spam. Ayan, ang sasaya namin.


Since I have been to London before, I decided to skip the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace etc. tour. My goal was to visit the Stonehenge (while it’s still intact) and go to Harrod’s to shop. One of my friends and I got up really early to take the tour to Stonehenge. Before we headed out, we decided to get a light breakfast of croissant and coffee.

Off we went. It was a 2 hour ride from London to Stonehenge by tour bus. We had the chance to take a nap during the ride. I was really excited when I started seeing signs to Stonehenge.


Then, from afar, I saw this!


Wala na, naloka na ko. I couldn’t wait to get near it to see it up close.  When we got to the site, our tour bus driver had to stop to get the tickets.


When we got to the site, we had to take our tour kits so we can get a self-guided tour of the Stonehenge. There are numbers on the site that if you select it from the tour kit, you will hear an explanation about the section you are looking at.

But with our excitement, we couldn’t listen enough because we only have an hour to take photos. Kaya ayun, super pictures kami.

IMG_6179 IMG_6195 IMG_6201 IMG_6204 IMG_6229 IMG_6238 IMG_6253 IMG_6270 IMG_6288
IMG_6292 IMG_6298

It was really a sight to behold.  Lahat ng klase ng pose sa Stonehenge ginawa ko na. Pati jump shot.


We had a fanstastic time even though it was freezing at the site. Reminder to those who want to visit the Stonehenge, bring a thick jacket. They say that even in the Spring, the weather at the site is always colder. Siguro kahit summer, bring a jacket anyway para sigurado.

For now, hinto muna ako sa kuwento dahil pagod na ko. Ang hirap palang magblog ng ganito.

Tuloy ko kuwento when we got back to the city and planned the rest of our day to see Harry Potter’s 9 3/4 station and shopping at Harrods.

Until then…



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