Chuvahotness #30 – Lone Star’s James Wolk

Rounding out the new shows on Mondays at 9:00 is FOX’s Lone Star, a soapy show following the double (triple?) life of a con-man. James Wolk plays Bob Allen, the aforementioned con-man, who has a wife in Houston and a girlfriend in Midland, TX. In each of these lives he is working cons against the locals, all seemingly under the tutelage of his con-man mentor and father, played by David Keith.

I had fun watching the episode last night.  The plot is cool and the story is just getting better.  Another favorite actor of mine is Bryce JohnsonHarry and Max and Bring it On Again ().  I will feature him as one of our Chuvahotness hunks as well.

Anyway, watching James Wolk last night was refreshing.  He’s got the acting ability to pull off a nice guy with a bad past.  I will continue to watch the show until it’s cancelled (hope not!).  My mistake is posting my status on Facebook as “My new favorite show: Lone Star” – – and a friend responded… “Because the guy is hot?? ;)”   OF COURSE!!  But, my co-workers and family are friends on Facebook so I had to say, “No, because the plot is good!” , then delete the status.  Hmmmm.

Here’s a gallery of our Chuvahotness #30 – James Wolk


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