Chuvahotness # 38 – is John Carter’s Taylor Kitsch (SHIRTLESS PHOTOS)

John Carter premiered with “okay earnings” at the Box Office. Yet there is no denying that the hot hunk who starred in the movie is one that many would like to see more of.

Taylor Kitsch was a trending topic on the web just recently after an interview with David Letterman and somehow got connected with an issue regarding customs officials in an Asian country. David Letterman mistook Taylor Kitsch’s story to have occurred in the Philippines when in fact, the issue occurred in neighboring Indonesia. Tweets and blog posts exploded including a request for correction on David Letterman’s statement by Philippine BOC Ruffy Biazon. It’s all under the bridge now but we cannot forget the hunk caught in between the issue.

Yes, Taylor Kitsch has become a star all his own. I think that only movie I saw him in was Covenant. I didn’t know anything else that he’s done but he’s apparently made at least ten films already. John Carter was his first major role.

Regardless, may we present to you – a collection of shirtless photos of Taylor Kitsch. Yes. We knew you’d like that.

So, here they are:


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