Cried a little. No, cried a lot! Ugh! The Paul Soriano and Toni Gonzaga Wedding Special.


Okay, it’s Friday and I am working from home.  I just finished all my conference calls so I had a little bit of a break.  It is funny how I stumbled upon the video of Paul Soriano and Toni Gonzaga Wedding Special after seeing a trailer of “On the Wings of Love” posted by a friend on Facebook.    I had no intention of watching anything like this today but I guess God knows what one needs and it was the perfect time for me to have stumbled upon it.  I needed something to believe in.  This was the video that made it for me. I could feel their love for each other and how genuine it is.  It is the most amazing story – parang fairy tale talaga!

First of all, I love Toni Gonzaga.  I think she’s hilarious and very talented.  How else would she have gotten to where she is now if she didn’t have a very professional work ethic?  I admired her then, and after watching the video, I admire her more.  And this Paul Soriano guy – – ugh!  Sobrang kaloka.  I didn’t really realize how deep their faith was until I saw this video.

And I love their vows!!  Napaiyak tuloy ako ng wala sa oras.  I didn’t expect that one part from Paul Soriano’s vows ha.. pero naloka talaga ko. Hahaha!

If you haven’t seen it yet, naku it is worth your time to watch it from start to finish.  Thank you to Beejay Bongcaras for uploading it on Youtube.

Here’s the video:


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