David Archuleta on TV5 wins the hearts of Filipinos. Nandito Ako Trending on Twitter.

No only did David Archuleta bring attention to TV5 as one network soon to be an international player, he has gotten the attention of most Filipinos in the country.  Trending on Twitter Philippines are ” Nandito Ako Week 4 Is Emotional“, Josh Bradley is In Love and “David Archuleta in TV5 Manila“.

Playing Josh Bradley in TV5’s “Nandito Ako” TV series, David Archuleta became the apple of many young girls’ eyes.  The TV 5 series is obviously a success.

Congratulations David Archuleta and the whole cast of Nandito Ako!    David (who belongs to the Mormon faith)  is scheduled to leave for a 2-year religious mission at the end of the month.


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