Drawback during winter. Where should I go next?

If you all must know, I did at one point, love WINTER.  Coming from a tropical country where it is hot and humid during the summer and nice and cool during the ‘BER months, I wanted to experience something different.    My first winter experience in the US was when I was about five years old.  My mom and I traveled to stay with my sister who just gave birth to her first-born son.  You know, the typical Filipino tradition of grandmas taking care of their first grandchild and more so here in the US where baby sitter costs an arm and a leg.  It is much cheaper to fly your mom over and have her stay with you than to get a sitter.  Besides, you would trust your mom more than you would trust anyone else anyway.

Winter for a child however, is different for an adult.  As a kid, all I wanted to do was play in the snow.  I didn’t have to shovel snow, I didn’t have to remove ice from my car before I can drive it.  For a child, snow means fun.  Sledding in the snow, throwing snowballs at each other, building a snowman.  Those are things that children associate with snow.  As an adult, we get to think of the work that comes with it.

Another thing that I don’t like about winter is the lack of greenery everywhere.  All the trees are bare (except for evergreens of course) and grass is brown.  It is harder most specially for my dog to find a spot to do his business when there is snow on the ground.  I like greenery.  I like beautiful manicured lawns.  Those are the things that I look for nowadays.   I think I am at my threshold when it comes to cold weather.  I would rather live in a place that has warm weather than a place where it snows.  Maybe move to California or Florida.  Nevada and Arizona are options too.

I thought about moving many times.  In fact, I have a real opportunity coming up  when I take an early retirement package that is being offered to me by my company.  I know, I am too young to retire.  I started working there when I was 9 okay?  LOL.

The early retirement package will allow me to move to a state or a country without having to worry about money for a while.  It will give me a chance to start anew, search for a new job and redirect my career.  It is absolutely scary as heck but I am going to take it simply because the deal is so good.  I don’t know how soon I can find another job and where but it is an opportunity I cannot ignore.

I was looking at working for an airline who has hubs in warmer states.  I think American Airlines has a hub in Texas, and now that they have merged with US Airways, I wonder if they still have a hub in Arizona.  If so, I may choose to live in Arizona.  Living in a warmer climate may actually help me because I love working out during the summer.  I have lots of energy because of the weather.  It allows me to go outside and do whatever.  In the winter time, I tend to hibernate and it’s bad for my health.

If I move to Arizona, I will possibly be looking for greenery as well.  It is harder in state like that because it is the desert.  I can possibly find succulents everywhere but not the trees that I am used to or the green grass on lawns here on the east coast.  I want to have a lawn.  And if I can’t grow grass, I will buy those faux turf they use at golf courses. Haha.  You guys know what I am talking about.  In fact, it’s easy to find them and they are actually very popular.  Just search for “synthetic turf Phoenix” and you will be presented with lots of different options on where to get it.  My mom loved plants and stuff so I think I get it from her.  I like having indoor plants during the winter and I also like having plants outside during the summer.

I have to decide what I really want to do and where I should move.  It is a tough situation not knowing where the job market is but I need to find that out for myself.  Or maybe I should just stay put until I can find a job.  God only knows.



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