Elections over. Give us some time. Moving on has a process.

I was reminded by a song by Tiffany today that said, “Could’ve been so beautiful…could’ve been so right…” and realized that it is time to move the eff on.  The elections have been over for a week now.

The results by which the US Elections unfolded was by far the most shocking, and most disappointing for many of us. It is due to the confusing and antiquated process called the “electoral college”. Many would argue that the reason(s) for having an electoral college is/are to prevent tyranny and massive fraud.  A video explaining the electoral college may be reviewed here.  Many say that each electoral vote is proportionate to the population in the state. Many would believe that. However, upon researching further, that was not the case. Take this for an example. (I read it on one of my friend’s posts)


Yup, that’s is right. If you think that they have updated the ratio between electoral votes and rise in population, you are incorrect (that’s what I thought as well). And this is what the millenials are fighting for. We must abolish the electoral college and ammend the constitution to use popular voting instead.

At first I didn’t realize that and I kept fighting the millenials about it. But now, I understand. And I now stand with them in asking Congress to replace the electoral college with popular voting in order to be considered truly demoratic in the process of electing a new President and Vice-President of the United States.

We followed and supported our candidate, former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, for over a year.  From the date she announced that she was running for President in 2016, and the moment the results were pronounced on that fateful date, November 9th, 2016.  We were all heartbroken.  We stood there, in shock and in awe of the most surprising upset in Presidential Elections in the United Statess.  I followed several friends on Facebook and Twitter to see their reactions while the results were being announced one after another.  Many of us gave up at midnight, EST when Donald Trump received past 250 electoral votes.  We knew by that time that there was a chance for him to win the race.  I couldn’t bear to see it finally announced on television that Donald Trump will be our new president.

Some friends of mine took it harder than I did.  A couple of them wouldn’t even look at the news or watch television after the election.  They were totally devastated by this.  If we are devastated, how much more for the candidate herself?  Secretary Clinton did not even leave her New York hotel to concede.  She had to wait the next day to give her concession speech.  Then, she disappeared from public view until last night when she delivered a speech to the Children’s Defense Fund.  She looked like she had been crying all week and I couldn’t blame her.  It has been a hard year for her.  But she had already re-invented herself and proudly displayed her hope for the American people.  She was as graceful as she was when she delivered her concession speech.

Even though we did not win this time around, the people of the United States have voted.  We fought hard and we all got it wrong.  But in the end, this is a country where freedom rings and it rings louder now than ever.  We are now given the opportunity to rise up and re-organize.  We cannot let the election results to bring us and our message of kindness and love to diminish.  If Hillary can stand up and face the people and the nation again, we can too.

One Methodist saying kept her going and still does.  We should take the same approach and continue to move forward in the same manner.

“Do all the good you can, for all the people you can, in all the ways you can, as long as ever you can.”

Now that the dust has settled, we should approach the future in the process we know how.  If you’re not ready to move on just yet, take your time.  We all grieve differently.  If you are ready, let’s look forward to the future in a positive way and try our damndest to push through and make America kind and gentle again.

Happy Thursday!



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